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Friday Flyover

On Friday, September 6th, ABC7 Morning News visited the East Campus of Lockport Township High School for the Friday Flyover.  The ABC7 helicopter flew overhead as students formed various formations on the football field.  A thousand students arrived before 5:00 a.m. to show their Porter Pride.  At the end of football season, viewers can vote for their favorite Friday Flyover school.  Details on how you can vote for LTHS will be posted at  In case you missed it, watch it here

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Homecoming 2019

School Spirit was on display the week of Homecoming.


Perfect 36

There are three Lockport Township High School seniors who started the school year with an extra boost of confidence. Alette Eide, Grace Galfano and Patrick Kozak all achieved a perfect score of 36 on the ACT.

Alette and Grace both took the college admission exam in June. Grace credits her success to the honors and Advanced Placement courses she’s taken at LTHS since her freshman year. She earned a 36 on her third time taking the ACT. Grace hopes her score will help her with college admissions, though she acknowledges that it is only one aspect of the application process. Her advice to other students preparing for the test is to be relaxed, confident and focus on the task at hand. While the time constraints can be intimidating, it is important to keep moving through the test and to answer every question.

Patrick, who took the exam in February, decided that he would not retake the ACT, regardless of his score. He was very surprised and proud when he learned he had gotten a perfect score on his first and only try. Patrick plans to study aerospace engineering after graduation.

Alette also got a perfect score on her first attempt. A high score may give her an edge in college applications, but Alette understands that a perfect score is not a “magic ticket” into top schools. What’s Alette’s advice to students preparing for standardized tests? Don’t put off preparation. It’s important to go back and correct your mistakes on practice tests so that you learn from them. Get a good amount of sleep the night before the exam. Other than that, on test day, remember that the most productive thing you can do in that moment is to stay relaxed and do your best! 


Milkweed to Monarchs

Horticulture students began the new school year by exploring the relationship between milkweed and monarchs. Monarch butterflies will only lay their eggs on milkweed plants, which is the only food source for monarch caterpillars.  In recent years, there has been a decline in native milkweed plants, resulting in a decline in monarch butterfly populations.  Reseeding fields and gardens with milkweed will help both populations. 

Lockport Horticulture students helped raise monarch caterpillars and brought in milkweed to class for the caterpillars to eat.  Students were amazed to see different stages of the monarch’s life from an egg, caterpillar, j-shape, chrysallis, and then eclose to a butterfly. They examined their life cycle underneath a special microscope that was able to take video and photos for comparison of life stages.

Before releasing the butterflies, students learned how to identify each one as a male or female by comparing thick and thin lines.  Two small circular dots on the lower wings are found on male butterflies.  

Ms. Colleen Martin then carefully placed a micro tag sticker on the distal cell on the right butterfly wing.  All data collected was sent to the Monarch Watch DataBase.  Lockport Horticulture students released twenty butterflies and are hopeful that they are migrating south.  The class is excited to learn if the butterflies can be tracked and to see how far they have flown from LTHS.

Landscape students designed and planted a Butterfly Perennial Garden in the courtyard near Technology.   Next year, it’s hoped there will be caterpillars munching milkweed on campus and flying around in the new garden.


Outstanding Educator Award

Science Department teachers Sonja Jackson and Karen Murphy were selected for the University of Chicago's Outstanding Educator Award.  Ms. Jackson and Ms. Murphy were nominated by first-year students entering the university for having influenced them, challenged them and helped them along the path toward intellectual growth.

National Merit Scholars

Lockport Township High School seniors Aidan Pajeau, Madison Polinski, Tomas Ferriter, Anna Blaszkiewicz, Alexander Williams, Alette Eide and (Not Pictured) Olivia Stojak were each recognized as "Commended Student" by the 2020 National Merit Scholarship Program.


Engineering Design Teams Finish Strong in Technical Competitions

The LTHS Engineering Design team of Matthew Stonis, Michael Cheehy, Alexa Kemp and Cassandra Rasp (pictured above) competed in the first-ever IBEW-NECA & Northwestern University STEM competition on October 3rd, at the IBEW-NECA Training facility in Alsip, Illinois.  

There were forty teams from nine different schools throughout the Chicagoland area. In a very tight contest, the LTHS team place 4th overall. The challenge presented to the teams was to determine the overall energy consumption of a household and then design a cost-effective energy-efficient whole-house approach that incorporated solar energy to offset utility reliance.  The students engaged in problem-solving, reading drawings and plans, comparing and contrasting equipment and appliances’ need for efficiency, designing solar arrays and efficiency on a residence and applying technical math to energy conservation.  Additionally, participants had physical tasks of bending conduit to fit various situations, as well as rigging harnesses for climbing a residential roof.

The Porters’ success didn’t stop there. On October 9, 2019, 28 students from Engineering Design, Robotics Engineering and Introduction to Engineering Design courses competed in the Illinois Technology Student Association Technology Day competition at Illinois State University. This year 23 schools and 420 students from all over the state competed in the event, solving various engineering challenges in four different engineering design categories as well as robotics.  Two LTHS teams secured top honors in the state. Chance Tyler and Kyle Brown placed 1st in Transportation Technology, while Matthew Stonis and Adrianna Garza placed 2nd in Structural Technology.


Language Studies   at Home and Abroad

For the third year in a row, Lockport Township High School Japanese language students are participating in the Global Classmates program.  This platform enables students to freely converse online with their counterparts overseas. This year’s partner school is Minami Senior High School located in Osaka, Japan.  By interacting with peers in Japan, students have a chance to use their  language skills firsthand to communicate while making global connections. 

Last summer students were able to experience Japan first during a nine day trip.


Get more out of high school. Pay less for college.

Learn about how LTHS maximizes students' opportunity to earn college credit, as well as important resources and deadlines.

College Credit Advantages: LTHS offers a number of AP classes, with approximately 1,000 students currently enrolled.  AP testing affords students the opportunity to get college credit, which can be a significant savings for families dealing with the high cost of college tuition.  One of the most frequently posed questions by students and parents is: How much credit can I earn? The best tool available to answer this question is the College Board’s AP Credit Policy Search website.  Click on the AP course you are taking, choose a specific university from the menu, and see exactly how much credit they will award for specific exam scores! 

Credit at Public Illinois Universities: With the passing of recent legislation, the state of Illinois has made AP credit a reality for even more students.  Beginning with the 2016-2017 school year, Illinois colleges and universities must provide course credit to any student who manages to earn at least a 3 on any AP exam! This Illinois law affects public universities and was passed with the goal of increasing access to state universities. Fun fact: Over 500 LTHS students earned a 3 on at least one exam in 2019!   

New AP Timeline: The timeline for exam registration and payment has changed this year due to new policies implemented by the CollegeBoard. Starting October 21st, students can register and pay for the exam using the Total Registration link on the LTHS homepage.  Regular registration will continue from October 21st until November 3rd. The late registration period begins November 4th. Register and pay early to avoid extra fees! The College Board pilot program asserts that the new Fall registration timeline has increased both exam participation and overall exam performance.    

Teacher Standouts: Two LTHS teachers have gone above and beyond in their commitment to their students and their own professional development. Bob Champlin, AP Physics teacher, and Dr. Laura Gilbert from the English Department applied for and were accepted as AP graders and readers for their respective subject areas. Each educator devoted a week during the summer to reading and assessing free response essays.  Being singled out for this honor provided a unique opportunity for professional growth and networking with other educators from across the nation.    

The value is in the coursework:  The true value of the AP experience lies in the rigor of the coursework and college level curriculum. Any student who is exposed to the dynamic teaching and advanced curriculum of an Advanced Placement class improves his/her ability to undertake college coursework.  Even if a student does not ultimately earn college credit, a transcript boasting of Advanced Placement participation speaks volumes to college admissions officers and scholarship committees. AP students also gain confidence as they develop their writing and critical thinking skills. 

Mark your calendars! October 21st is the start of AP testing registration and payment. October 30th is our College and Career Fair.


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