Principals' Message

Hello Porter Families!

We hope that all our LTHS families are doing well!  We are grateful for a successful start of the school year.  It has been great to see our students in the halls on a daily basis and be able to resume some of our traditions and celebrations.  Homecoming 2021 was a memorable and tremendous week for our school community.  There were daily activities and nighttime events to rejuvenate Porter Pride.  Our students were truly amazing in showing their school spirit and the week was a huge success.  Thank you to our families for supporting our efforts!

This school year the addition of our Compass time has allowed our students to navigate their high school experience and access teachers and available resources.  Compass enables students to connect with their teachers, build relationships, experience social-emotional learning, explore college and career planning and promote community service.  Our Compass calendar can be found on the parent and student pages on our website.  Please encourage your child to utilize Compass to enhance their experience at LTHS.

This school year we are thankful to offer all of our co-curricular activities for our students.  Once again, our students continue to excel in and outside the classroom.  We have been able to resume athletic and activity events and competitions.  We have so much to offer at LTHS and we remind you to check out our event calendar and updated Activities page on the LTHS website.  We look forward to continued success this school year!

Thank you for your continued support!  


Dr. John Greenan, East Campus Principal

Dr. Kerri Green, Central Campus Principal


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